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Spring Summer Collection 2022

The Alessia Zamattio collection was born with the ambition to create clothes that describe a feminine woman, sweet and, at the same time, strong and committed, blending the romanticism of precious fabrics such as silk, with soft and comfortable lines, designed to reconcile the need for practicality that our daily life imposes us with our desire to feel simply beautiful.

The collection is featured by DRESSES WITH SOFT AND AIRY LINES, with a waistline underlined by self-tie belts, made only of very light silk capable of creating overlapping and delicate transparencies. Fabrics with romantic floral patterns in refined shades of white, beige, pink, aqua green.

Dresses that have the ambition to MAKE A WOMAN FEEL MORE CHARMING, caressed by the seductive sensations that only silk can give, following the oscillating movements of the body in a slow, sweet way, enveloping her as only a perfume could do.

Clothes that remind her that she is always and above all a woman ALWAYS AND ABOVA ALL A WOMAN.